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38 min
Inclusiveness & equality 12-05-2022

Inclusive Plug Episode 22: It Isn’t Just About the Number of Jobs, but the Quality of Jobs

Speaking of employment, let’s admit it: we tend to care more about the number of jobs created. Ask a...

34 min
Green economic development 21-04-2022

Inclusive Plug Episode 21: Climate Crisis, Security, and Development

The world has entered 2022 in the stage of polycrisis. Climate change poses existential threat to hu...

35 min
Inclusiveness & equality 31-01-2022

Inclusive Plug Episode 20: Does Location Matter in Accessing and Using Economic Opportunities?

By looking at the title of this episode, you may think that ‘oh, once again the old debate about geo...

25 min
Technology & digitalization 30-11-2021

Inclusive Plug Episode 19: How can Freelancing Drive Inclusive Economic Development?

Freelancing offers work opportunities that anyone with an internet connection can do, with the optio...

23 min
Market systems development 14-10-2021

Inclusive Plug Episode 18: Is the Invested Money Worth the Outcome We Achieve as MSD Projects?

Market Systems Development has emerged in the past two decades as a way to better deliver large‐scal...

34 min
RECONOMY 06-07-2021

Inclusive Plug Episode 17: What does It Mean for a Program Applying Market Systems Development to be Regional?

In partnership with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency and other implementing...

34 min
COVID-19 14-06-2021

Inclusive Plug Episode 16: The Work-From-Anywhere Revolution

COVID-19 is transforming people’s relationship to work, with millions now out of a job. And many mor...

21 min
Adaptive management 01-06-2021

Inclusive Plug Episode 15: Putting Adaptive Management in Practice in the Time of COVID-19

Fast learning and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances are critical to the market systems...

28 min
Market systems development 07-05-2021

Inclusive Plug Episode 14 (Part II): Does the Market Systems Development Approach Work in Practice?

Whether the Market Systems Development (MSD) approach works in practice is a hot topic in developmen...