Inclusive Plug Episode 13: Why and How Should Development Practitioners Blog About Their Work?

Development cooperation is being challenged. People question whether development works. There are people in the development community who have a rich experience that provides answers to the critical questions that society raises. But their knowledge is tacit. It is only available to themselves and perhaps a narrow circle of their colleagues. Knowledge must be accessible. It is our responsibility as development practitioners to tell the story of our work.

Brought to you by: Sabin Selimi
Knowledge management, learning & communication
Sabin Selimi

Sabin Selimi works for Helvetas as Communication Manager in RECONOMY. Before, he worked in communication advisory roles in the public sector and internationally-funded projects, with experience in the Balkans. As a Chevening scholar, he obtained an MSc in International Public Policy from University College London. As a recipient of Presidential Scholarship, he received a bachelor’s degree in Economics and International Studies from American University in Washington, DC.