Inclusive Plug Episode 18: Is the Invested Money Worth the Outcome We Achieve as MSD Projects?

Market Systems Development has emerged in the past two decades as a way to better deliver large‐scale, sustainable development impact to poor and disadvantaged people. It provides a framework to understand the institutional underlying causes of negative development outcomes and a method of intervening in market systems to achieve poverty reduction sustainably. But have we ever stopped and looked in the past? Here’s where cost-benefit analysis comes into play. But is cost-benefit analysis also a learning tool which can help steer the future of a project? Why should projects conduct such analyses? And what are some of the experiences? These are some of the questions we’ve explored in this episode with 3 experts who have experience in managing MSD projects and in conducting cost-benefit analyses.

Brought to you by: Sabin Selimi
Market systems development
Sabin Selimi

Sabin Selimi works for Helvetas as Communication Manager in RECONOMY. Before, he worked in communication advisory roles in the public sector and internationally-funded projects, with experience in the Balkans. As a Chevening scholar, he obtained an MSc in International Public Policy from University College London. As a recipient of Presidential Scholarship, he received a bachelor’s degree in Economics and International Studies from American University in Washington, DC.