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26 min
Knowledge management, learning & communication 10-04-2021

Inclusive Plug Episode 10: Why You Need to Become Brand Ambassador for Organization You Work For?

Did you know that most people don’t see NGOs as credible sources of information? Organizations and a...

34 min
Private sector development 10-04-2021

Inclusive Plug Episode 9: How Can Outsourcing Drive Inclusive Economic Development?

Simply put, outsourcing is hiring someone else to do the work or help you with part of a client assi...

33 min
Regulatory system 10-04-2021

Inclusive Plug Episode 8: Does Inclusive Public-Private Dialogue Work?

Despite their positive roles in inclusive economic development, business associations in Ukraine, Mo...

36 min
Skills & intermediation 10-04-2021

Inclusive Plug Episode 7: Enhancing Economic Opportunities Through Non-Formal Skills Development

Skills development determines success in the labor market. It’s a strong predictor of stable and qua...

29 min
Green economic development 10-04-2021

Inclusive Plug Episode 6: Is Post-COVID-19 Green and Sustainable Future Possible?

How can we move from a negative COVID-19 disruption to a positive cleantech disruption? How do we gu...

30 min
Market systems analysis 10-04-2021

Inclusive Plug Episode 5: Making Sense of the Market Systems Analysis for RECONOMY

The regional programme RECONOMY seeks to contribute to inclusive economic development to women and y...

35 min
Technology & digitalization 10-04-2021

Inclusive Plug Episode 4: Is inclusive digitalization possible in the post-COVID-19 age?

The pandemic has quickened the pace of digitalization. To effectively tap into the opportunities, it...

25 min
Green economic development 10-04-2021

Inclusive Plug Episode 3: Carbon-neutral Balkans—Cold Hell?

Here is the third episode of the Inclusive Plug series. We asked 4 experts from the region on whethe...

37 min
Trade & migration 10-04-2021

Inclusive Plug Episode 2: Unpacking Migration and Development in 30 Minutes

The human desire to seek decent employment and livelihoods is at the core of the nexus between migra...