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4 min
Skills & intermediation 09-06-2022

RECONOMY Snippet: On the Quality of Jobs

What makes a job a "quality job"? Why we should care more about the quality of jobs? Here's a snippe...

4 min
Technology & digitalization 04-04-2022

RECONOMY Snippet: Social Media Marketing for Fashion

One of RECONOMY's initiatives is to improve the textile and apparel sector in the EaP region, includ...

3 min
Knowledge management, learning & communication 08-02-2022

RECONOMY Snippet: Why to Blog

Here's a 3-minute snippet from the Senior Strategic Adviser at Oxfam GB, Dr. Duncan Green, on why sh...

5 min
Technology & digitalization 10-01-2022

RECONOMY Snippet: Fostering IT Skills through Practical Training

RECONOMY supported Semos Education to enable young people and women primarily to access to and be ab...

3 min
Green economic development 06-12-2021

RECONOMY Snippet: On ClimateLaunchPad Kosovo

RECONOMY supported a concept of BONEVET Gjakova who partnered with ClimateLaunchPad (CLP—the green b...

4 min
Trade & migration 16-11-2021

RECONOMY Snippet: Diaspora Engagement and Its Key Role in Achieving Development Outcomes

Enhancing the positive impact of migration and reducing its negative effects is at the core of the n...

5 min
Technology & digitalization 27-10-2021

RECONOMY Snippet: ICT Cortex and “Vaso Aligrudić” School Investing in the Future of Montenegro

ICT Cortex - a cluster for information technology, innovation, education, design and technological d...

8 min
Technology & digitalization 11-06-2021

RECONOMY Snippet: What, How, and Why Digital Transformation

Here's a snippet from Dr. Shawn Cunningham (Mesopartner) introducing the idea of digital transformat...

5 min
Inclusiveness & equality 03-06-2021

RECONOMY Snippet: On Happiness

Here's a snippet from the Project Manager of Exhibitions & Curating at Helvetas, Nadja R. Buser, on...