RECONOMY is an inclusive and green economic development program of theĀ Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), implemented by HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation in the Eastern Partnership and the Western Balkan countries.

The program pays particular attention to leveraging existing knowledge and practices and stimulating learning and sharing across countries through different stakeholders, such as governments, nonprofits, and businesses. While doing so, we focus on common problems countries face and common actors that can take up and facilitate improvements in the different systems.

We recognize that people do not live in regions, but in countries, and therefore RECONOMY looks into the local-regional dynamics and nexus. Development efforts without a place-sensitive perspective often fail because places differ from each other and territorial context matters.

We pay special attention to the importance of environmental constraints and opportunities. Economic development in the region will not be sustainable without considering resource efficiency, climate mitigation, carbon removal, and biodiversity protection.


To enable women and young people, in particular excluded and disadvantaged groups, to benefit from economic opportunities by increasing their income and taking up decent jobs, inclusively and sustainably.


To achieve the main goal, RECONOMY works along three workstreams:

Skill Gap & Employment Opportunities

Increasing the (self)employability and income generation of target groups by improving formal and informal training offer. Ensure the training is improved and available to the target groups and ensure strengthened and diversified intermediation.

Financial & Business Services

Improvement of business and financial services to help enterprises grow, invest and create more/new economic opportunities.

Policies & Regulations

Improving advocacy in the areas of policy, regulatory, legislative and administrative to help target groups and enterprises increase their participation and voice to advocate for better economic opportunities.


The members of our program facilitation unit are spread across the regions of Eastern Europe, South Caucasus, and the Western Balkans. They are located in Switzerland, Albania, Kosovo, Moldova, Georgia, and North Macedonia.

Zenebe Uraguchi

Program Manager of RECONOMY

Matthias Herr

Regional Director for Eastern Europe at Helvetas & Deputy Program Manager of RECONOMY

Aleksandra Jagiello

Program Assistant

Katja Beskrovnaya

Finance Manager for Eastern Europe & Central Asia at Helvetas

Rezarta Zeqaj

Finance Manager

Lea Shllaku

Regional Manager, Western Balkans

Alexander Gogoberidze

Regional Manager, South Caucasus

Emilija Jovanova Stoilkova

Knowledge Management & Learning Manager

Muamer Niksic

Monitoring & Results Measurement Manager

Sabin Selimi

Communications & Outreach Manager

Anastasia Bekish

Environment & Climate Change Manager