Market Systems Development (MSD) is a development approach which is applied by the Swedish Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation.

MSD is an approach that aims to make the market systems function better in order to increase the quality of life for people in need through the following:

Systemic change

We try to understand where market systems are failing to address the needs of the vulnerable and disadvantaged groups in society. We try to understand what constitutes systemic change and how change happens in (market) systems and how does that influence the design and implementation of our program.


Facilitative role

We stimulate, but do not displace, market functions or actors. We encourage dialogue with stakeholders and actors, pointing out and discussing new opportunities. We support new linkages between actors from private and public sectors as well as civil society.



We encourage our private partners with skill and will to grow their business inclusively and collaborate with public actors towards frame conditions that ease inclusive and green economic development.


Sustainable change

We deliver sustainable outcomes through competitive market actors achieving inclusive and green economic development. We apply a market-driven approach, focusing on identifying existing challenges and demands on the market, assisting market actors in overcoming the challenges and creating more economic opportunities.