Regional Value Addition

A couple of fundamental factors will influence the success of RECONOMY in contributing to the regional value addition.

First, managing a program as widespread as the 12 countries with teams spread across the regions of Eastern Europe, South Caucasus, and the Western Balkans is not easy. While we work with strategic partners and others, we are also putting in place management systems that keep up pace with the changes. The future of work is increasingly becoming a thing we do, not a place we go to. Yet, we should not be losing the social and economic value of work as a safe and healthy workplace and the interactions with partners and stakeholders.

Second, creating a shared understanding of development philosophy - for sustainable and scalable impacts through facilitation - is at the core of RECONOMY. We stimulate changes for more facilitation roles of development organizations by engaging with local and regional conveners.

Three key areas characterize the regional nature of RECONOMY:

Thematic focus

We map out individual countries, while at the same time having a regional perspective. In other words, the 'national-regional' dynamics and nexus will serve the process of identifying and testing ideas that will add benefits to more countries in the region in terms of new knowledge, shared experiences, and enhanced capacities through cooperation and a strong sense of shared interests. The focus is in line with the changing nature of global challenges and opportunities that countries in the region also face - from disruptive technologies for automation, globalization, and the aging workforce. The challenge is to link and leverage these potentials in new and different ways.

Institutional focus

The region's pressing problems are far too complex to be addressed by a single sector and an actor in a single country. We see RECONOMY as a multi-stakeholder initiative, involving private sector enterprises, public sector institutions, academia, and civil society organizations. While the region is diverse, it also shows common challenges and opportunities. RECONOMY works to improve the vertical flow of information about economic development, including such questions as performance monitoring and inclusive benefits.

Territorial focus

People do not live in the 'region', but in different countries. A large diversity of local partners and ideas contributes to increased capacity and local ownership as well as the generation of more innovative ideas. We do not directly support actors in the different systems, but work through partners to facilitate solutions that have a high likelihood of ownership and scale beyond the life span of RECONOMY.

On a micro-level, we work with private sector businesses in the selected markets/economic sectors, commercial service providers, as well as with civil society organizations. On the meso-level, we work with public organizations like vocational education and training centers, universities, regional development agencies, free trade zones. The policy and business enabling environment dialogues deal with the improvement of the macro-level framework conditions.